GZC24 mobil sıcaklık ve konum takip cihazı

Easy Way to Track Temperature and Location

The GZC24 is a state of the art, single-use temperature and location tracking device that gives you pinpoint information about your shipment as it travels to its destination. Don't wonder if your shipment has been kept in the correct temperature during travel, KNOW it has. You can prefer one of 4 different models regarding shipment length those are as 20, 40 and 60 day.

Monitor Your Perishables

GZC24 keeps track of the temperature of your shipment so that you know your perishables are kept at the temperatures you want during the whole trip!

Track Your Shipment in Real-Time

GZC24 uses GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) to give you updates on the exact temperature and location(1) of your shipment, down to the minute!

Receive Alerts When Your Shipment Exceeds Temperature Ranges

After setting the desired min. and max. temperatures for the trip, you will be notified via email anytime the temperature moves outside of this set limit.

Receive Daily Status Reports

You'll receive updated status reports including the temperature graph and last location in your inbox via email.


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Disclaimer: Device transmits data via GSM (Global System for Mobile communication). Device must be placed to appropriately utilize mobile internet. Real-time monitoring is only possible with signal from GSM base stations. If there is no signal, data is still recorded and then transmitted when signal is re-established. (*) Please be noted, in case of no location data on some part of the route; it's an issue by the GSM provider.